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Around the Grendizer: Daft Punk’s videoclip of Around the World copied from italian anime? [video]

Michel Gondry is one of the fathers of the modern music video. Before becoming a film director, the former musician of Oui Oui has collaborated with many international artists: Bjork, Rolling Stones, The White Stripes, Chemical Brothers, Foo Fighters, Massive Attack, Kylie Minogue, Lenny Kravitz, Radiohead and Daft Punk, to name a few. Talking about his work with Daft Punk we found that the (now-not-so)innovative video for “Around the World” may actually be a copy of something that was already done in Italy at the end of  the 70s years and from which Michel Gondry drew inspiration quite clear.It all began when RAI TELEVISION started to broadcast Grendizer, the mighty robot that fought against the monsters from another planet. The cartoon was an incredible success in Italy and its theme was the soundtrack for a generation. Grendizer opening theme was played on the radio like a song by U2 or Lady Gaga. 

In one of its many versions, i was also performed live at TILT, an evening show from 1979. The showgirl leading the show was Stefania Rotolo, who used to dance and sing anime songs during the show. In one of these performance, Stefania Rotolo sings and dances on the italian theme of Grendizer.  

We superimposed “Around The World” from Daft Punk on Stefania Rotolo vintage video. The effect is alienating, almost shocking. Perfect sync, same movements, same choreography. 25 years before Daft Punk and Michel Gondry.  So do you still think that Daft Punk and Michel Gondry are innovative genius of music videoclips? No way! Viva Goldrake! :)


The original footage from 1979 where Stefania Rotolo dances while singing Grendizer theme.

The official videoclip for “Around The World” from Daft Punk, produced by Michel Gondry

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